Friday, 5 June 2009

My Tv Drama Wellington High (Well High)

The name of show is Wellington High (well high).The Style/tone is realistic and social realism.
There are 7 key characters in the show;
  • Elley,16,white. She is flirty girl but also is a trouble maker. She has a Boyfriend called Jay, but she also has an affair with Jay's best friends Kai and ends up pregnant but she has no idea who the dad is.
  • Elizabeth, also know as lizzie, is also 16 and white. Lizzie is a geeky girl who is very smart, she gets peer pressured into things. The only thing she wants is not to live in such high standards set by her mum.
  • Krystal, 16 and she is mixed race. Everyone believes that she is a rich girl with her dad sending her lots of money but really her dad is in prison and she actually steals things instead.
  • Brooke, 16 and white. Brooke has a drinking problem and she gets into a lot of fights, she also tries to impress everyone.
  • Jay, 16 and white. Popular boy but his uncle gets him to fight other kids, he gets into trouble a lot, which makes it hard for him to make time for Elley his girlfriend.
  • Kai, 16 and mixed race. He has affair with his best friends girlfriend , he loves elley and decides to tell Jay but it breaks into fight which leads to someone being killed, but the audience will not find out.
  • Tyler, 16 and white. Tyler has an eating disorder and is also addicted to steroids. The mum knows about his problem and tries to help, he switches and they both fall apart.
Narrative Structure: 1 hour episode each week and each week its focuses on a character each week. This show would run for 18 weeks.

An example of one story line is about Jay , Kai and Elley a love triangle happens which has a nasty turn and things get ugly. Elley and Jay have been together for a long time, Jay's best friend and Elley have an affair , this leads to Kai falling in love with Elley who then decides to tell Jay and this leads to a fight and someone dies but we will never find out..............
Another story line is also about Elley who becomes pregnant but doesn't know who the father is.

The scheduling for this show is at 9pm on Thursday nights on Channel 4.

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