Friday, 3 July 2009

The tudors title sequence

In this title sequence there are different shots and angles used throughout it. We see a clear medium close up of Henry sitting in his chair. This gives the audience a clear image of Henry in power. There are also lots of medium close ups on the characters faces, they then show the audience there personality through their facial expressions.

The editing in this cuts off into different things, showing different scenes from maybe the tv show. It has no story line in the title sequence but it just runs into a mixture of them all.
The lighting with some of character creates shadows on one half of their faces, this could suggest that they play a dark, sneaky evil character, making the audience drawn to see who that person really is.

When watching this I could spot different angles, for example there was a high angle shot while seeing people riding there hoarse. Birds eye view was used when someone was laying on floor. There were also a couple of wide shots used when having a lot of characters there.
The sound of the voice over could have been Henry himself as the person talks while seeing a close up of his face. This could suggest that he is explaining his side of the story through this show. The theme tune music was very traditional tudor type music but had a modern beat to it to make it sound more catchy to audience.

There was a part with when they fighting in heavy armor and then the next bit with the soft gentle touching this shows two extremes of the show and this appeal to both genders of the audience.

This title sequence creates an atmosphere of a serious and dramatic show and this suggests dramas would happen at anytime.

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